Box Delivery


No need to leave your home to search for boxes; we can bring boxes right to your doorstep. To get pricing on our boxes go to our boxes page.


Are you so embarrassed by your clutter that you won’t invite friends to your home? Does disorganization rule your life?  Are you tired of not accomplishing your goals? Does your cluttered office make your appear incompetent?  Hoarding: Are you or a loved one dealing with Hoarding issues?

Senior Moves: Moving from your family home into Assisted Living is often scary and overwhelming. Downsizing 40-50 years of “stuff” is a daunting, herculean task!  If you answered yes to any of these questions 123 Moving and Storage can help!

123 Moving and Storage has worked closely with NAPO, which is the National Organization of Professional Organizers.  We have access to an extensive list of professional organizers that can facilitate any and all client requests.  Please inquire with your sales rep about being referred to one of our qualified professional organizers.



crating-servicesMoving overseas or across country? It can be extremely difficult to move your items with you. We offer a crating service, where we pack all your items into one or more of our wooden crates so that it can be shipped safely to your desired destination.


Staging a home once it is on the market has been an instrumental tool to sell a house quicker and at a higher price. We have worked closely with the local industry’s leading real estate firms including Keller Williams, Sotheby’s and Coldwell Banker. Most people don’t have the imagination to de-clutter or place furniture in the home. Thus, staging a home helps reach a wide audience and broaden the amount of potential buyers. Our licensed movers can move the furniture accordingly to properly stage your home. Also, order one of our portable storage vaults to hold all those unnecessary items so your home can look as beautiful as possible.


We Come 2 U Storage Estimator

This estimator will help you assess your storage needs, however, for a detailed, specific estimate we're happy to help. Call us at (310) 618-8120.

We know estimates are only approximate and your actual needs may vary so feel free to order as many units as you like -- we don’t charge unless you use them!

Your Home Is Home Size
sq. ft.
No. of 8x5x7 Units
more info
Studio < 600 1
What fits inside…
1 BDRM 600 – 800
800 – 1000
1 – 2
What fits inside…
2 BDRM 1000 – 1200
1200 – 1500
2 – 3
What fits inside…
3 BDRM 1500 – 1800
1800 – 2000
3 – 4
What fits inside…
4 BDRM 2000 – 2400
2400 – 2800
5 – 6
What fits inside…