We’ve been a trusted name in the Santa Monica area moving for more than 20 years, and are ready to help make your big day as simple and as pain free as possible.  If you plan to make a local move this year in the Los Angeles area, let 123 Moving and Storage handle all of the details. From packing and planning to handling all the arduous moving and the shaking, we guarantee to make your local move go according to plan.  123 Moving’s highly trained movers, our dedicated consulting staff and our many years of experience give us an edge over local competition.

If you need to store your items in-between your moves we can also deliver a portable storage unit right to your home so you don’t have to leave your residence and have the ability to save time and money compared to a traditional self storage unit.

Our business was built from the ground up by offering unbeatable moving services at affordable prices.  Whether you are moving down the street or changing zip codes, local moves can require the help of a professional moving company. Moving can be stressful, so it’s best to start planning well ahead of your move. Four weeks is the recommended time to plan a local move.  Research at least three local moving companies to get the best quote. Read customer reviews and be sure to check the company’s ratings with the American Moving and Storage Association and the Public Utilities Commission.

We will always assign the right number of highly trained moving specialists to your job. They will be equipped with the proper equipment and tools needed to load and transport your possessions without risk of damage. Our trucks are extremely clean and well-maintained. Our promise to all of our customers is that we will provide superior service – no exceptions, no excuses. Your items and belongings will arrive safe and sound.

Long Distance

You Enjoy The View, We'll Watch The Road

A long distance move is a move that is greater than 100-miles from the origin and/or the move crosses a state line. Two factors determine the major portion of the cost of your move. They are the distance you are moving and the cubic feet of your shipment.

123 Moving is able to provide low rates because we use the consolidated shipping process. Which means, instead of sending a moving van across the country with only your shipment on board, we consolidate your shipment with other customers’ shipments. This method of shipping allows you to receive a greatly reduced rate.

Most of us probably don’t know the exact cubic feet of our belongings.  In order to determine the approximate cubic feet total of your shipment, you can fill out our online estimate form or call 123 Moving, we will give you our rates for various cubic feet for budgeting purposes. We can also come out and give you a free estimate, one of our professional moving estimators will calculate your cubic feet and give you an estimate within 24 hours.

Besides the transportation charges, additional factors that will affect the price of your move include:


Let us handle your move so you can get back to business

Successful commercial moves are built upon many factors. 123 Moving and Storage fully understands these factors and has developed a superior move management process. This process combines an experienced, professional team with extensive communication and attention to pre-planning details.

123 Moving and Storage begins each project by meeting with your move team to discuss all aspects of the project including schedules, inventory, scope, and budget. Our project team will conduct an extensive site survey prior to the move to accurately determine the cost, time, and labor required for the relocation. All our movers are on staff and are familiar with our performance standards and policies.

123 Moving and Storage will provide the following:


Living a new life abroad doesn't mean you need new stuff -- we transport all over the world!

Thanks to 123 Moving’s excellent reputation in moving for service and quality, 123 Moving is proud to be affiliated with a large network of Freight Forwarders who can deliver your belongings from the West Coast in the United States to virtually anywhere in the world.

Being connected with a network of destination agents enables 123 Moving to provide you with options like door to door service including custom clearance and delivery to any address in the world. Or should you prefer a more economical route, our door to port service will get your belongings to the port or airport of your choice and you can take care of the final delivery yourself and save yourself some money by doing so.

The cost of an international move is determined by the volume of your shipment which is measured by either cubic feet or weight depending on the final destination of your international move. Factors which will affect the total cost of your international move include:

Vehicle Transportation

Get your car across country without acquiring the miles

As part of our commitment to provide our customers with an all inclusive moving experience we have expanded to provide quality auto transport logistics.   All of our preferred carriers are licensed and bonded auto transporters. We provide door to door shipping in enclosed or open car carriers. Our 123 sales staff are always available to answer any questions about our superior transport solutions and assist in your shipping/moving  needs.


We Come 2 U Storage Estimator

This estimator will help you assess your storage needs, however, for a detailed, specific estimate we're happy to help. Call us at (310) 618-8120.

We know estimates are only approximate and your actual needs may vary so feel free to order as many units as you like -- we don’t charge unless you use them!

Your Home Is Home Size
sq. ft.
No. of 8x5x7 Units
more info
Studio < 600 1
What fits inside…
1 BDRM 600 – 800
800 – 1000
1 – 2
What fits inside…
2 BDRM 1000 – 1200
1200 – 1500
2 – 3
What fits inside…
3 BDRM 1500 – 1800
1800 – 2000
3 – 4
What fits inside…
4 BDRM 2000 – 2400
2400 – 2800
5 – 6
What fits inside…