Portable Storage Units

Portable Storage Benefits

Multiple trips to a storage facility can be exhausting, and if you don’t have a large vehicle, transporting larger items can be impossible. With portable storage containers, you don’t even have to leave your driveway to store away your possessions.


With We Come 2 U Storage, you can relieve some of the stress of clearing out your clutter, since you will be able to take your time to load your portable storage container, then once you are done send the storage container on its way to our storage facility. And, if you need your storage on hand keep your storage container right on your premises, it is completely up to you.

Using a portable storage unit is less complicated than renting a moving truck and dealing with extra expenses. These types of storage units are also especially useful if you are getting ready to move, but do not want to cram all of the loading into one day.

Your storage unit is extremely secure and can be left right in front of your home if you want to take a few days to fill it; or if you just need extra space to store your items, but also need to get to your items quickly.

We have two unit sizes 5ft x 8ft x 7ft and 8ft x 8ft x 7ft, which are roughly the size of walk-in closets.

How Does It Work?


We Come 2 U will deliver up to three storage vaults at a time to any location of your choice, with the option of same day pick up. You also have the choice to load or unload your storage unit onsite at our warehouse location.

You can either keep the storage unit at your location for however long you need, or have us pick it up and store it at our state of the art storage facility- with same day pick up available!

If you don’t fill up the storage container(s) in its entirety, they are equipped for tie downs at 4 feet intervals so you can secure your load. We keep all storage units level during transport, so you can be assured that your possessions will be safe in transit. Most storage containers load and unload their own unit, but as a subsidiary of 123 Moving and Storage, we have the resources to provide you labor if required.

Our Most Popular Service Areas


Storage Vaults

  • $89 Storage per month per standard container
    (Dimensions: 7′ T × 8′ W × 5′ D)
  • $99 Storage per month per standard container (on-site)
    (Dimensions: 7′ T × 8′ W × 5′ D)
  • $149 Storage per month per aluminum container
    (Dimensions: 7′ T × 8′ W ×8′ D)
  • $99* One time drop off and pick up fee, up to two containers
    (*additional fee will apply to deliveries outside of local service area)
  • $99* Re-delivery fee, up to two containers
    (*additional fee will apply to deliveries outside of local service area)




The We Come 2 U Storage facilities and units are rentable at month to month rates with no deposit required. Although we do not prorate monthly rents, we are very flexible and can work with you when scheduling to get the most out of your billing cycle and reduce complications and added stress during your storage period and moving experience.

Storage rent is due on the day the unit is delivered and is automatically billed monthly until you are done using the container. Because the system automatically charges your card, you cannot change the day of the month your card is charged. You are able to split the cost onto more than one credit card. We accept all major credit cards.

Wooden Portable Storage Unit Dimensions

Storage Facility

Where Is My Unit Stored?

All of our storage units are stored in our warehouses located in the South Bay and Los Angeles. Your storage unit will be secured with your own pad lock and stored inside our warehouse away from outdoor elements. Our storage facilities have 24 hour video surveillance and are equipped with burglar systems. On Site security measures are taken to ensure no unaccompanied public access. All buildings are equipped with comprehensive fire prevention systems. Your items will be stored in a climate protected warehouse. Temperature controlled storage is available upon request , which is ideal for high value items (monetary or sentimental), such as antiques, wine, fine art, paintings, etc.

Access your storage by appointment only. You have the choice of visiting our warehouse or we can deliver your storage to you.

You do not have to be present when your storage unit is picked up or dropped off, although we recommend someone be present if possible. Pick ups and deliveries can occur any time after 7 AM local time. You are responsible for making sure that there is clear accessibility of the location you want the container to be placed or picked up from. We also accept deliveries addressed directly to your storage unit for you.

We Come 2 U currently has two locations, serving a multitude of Southern California cities.

Our Santa Monica location serves:

  • Santa Monica
  • Malibu
  • Brentwood
  • Pacific Palisades
  • Bel Air
  • Beverly Hills
  • West LA
  • Surrounding Beach Cities

Our South Bay location serves:

  • Manhattan Beach
  • Hermosa Beach
  • Redondo Beach
  • Torrance
  • Rancho Palos Verdes
  • Palos Verdes Estates
  • All of Greater Los Angeles


As a subsidiary of 123 Moving and Storage, we are equipped to help you with any local, long distance and international moving needs you may require.


Compare our prices to those of our competitors — you’ll see one reason why our customers love recommending us.

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Additional fee may apply to deliveries outside of local service area.

Portable Storage Quote

Portable Storage Quote

Thank you for your interest. Please fill out the online quote request and we will get back to you shortly. For an immediate quote, please call us at (310) 328-9000.

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We Come 2 U Storage Estimator

This estimator will help you assess your storage needs, however, for a detailed, specific estimate we're happy to help. Call us at (310) 618-8120.

We know estimates are only approximate and your actual needs may vary so feel free to order as many units as you like -- we don’t charge unless you use them!

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