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Santa Monica, California

Serving Zip Codes: 90401 – 90411

About Santa Monica

Santa Monica is known for its popular beach and iconic pier. Thus, it is ranked as one of the top tourist destinations in Los Angeles County.

Storage Made Easy in Santa Monica

Need storage in the Santa Monica area? No need to rent a traditional self storage unit, because we bring the storage right to your door! Let’s face it self storage units in Santa Monica are expensive, and if you want to pay a little less you have to go outside of Santa Monica. Our storage unit are portable! Not only do you save money, but it’s more convenient too. We have served many residential homes as well as businesses in the Santa Monica area. Whether you are a business that needs to store away seasonal items for 10 months out of the year or a home owner who needs to do some spring cleaning we will take great care of you.

Starting a storage unit can be a very overwhelming process especially because the longer you wait the more stuff builds up. But our storage process is simple and the most convenient option available. You don’t need to worry about forgetting something at home once you arrive at a storage unit, because it’s right in front of your home. You won’t have to rent a truck or use gas making multiple trips to a self-storage unit, because again the storage will be right on your property. Once you have finished loading your mobile storage unit you decide whether you want to keep it on your property or if you want us to store it in our secure facility.

Storage That Saves You Money

That’s right not only will you have the ability to have an extremely convenient storage delivery right to the location of your choice, but it is also more cost efficient than traditional self-storage. Real estate is at a premium and traditional self-storage facilities have to pay big bucks for every square foot they have (that’s why most are located on the outskirts of town). Our storage solution can be stored at your location or can be stacked on top of each other at our facility allowing us to pass on the savings to you our valued customer.

Our Santa Monica location enjoys easy access off the 10 Freeway and Lincoln Boulevard. Live in the South Bay or Long Beach? Learn more about our Los Angeles storage location

If you have any questions or need help deciding how much storage you need give us a call at (310) 328-9000! Don’t make storage more difficult than it has to be. Let We Come 2 U Storage handle all your storage needs and deliver a storage unit to you in Santa Monica.

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